We believe that traders can achieve superior executions when equipped with advanced algorithms to manage complexity and are supported by analytics to provide the right market insights. That’s why Tradebooks technology is specifically designed and constantly enhanced to empower your execution process while helping to seek minimal market impact.


Strategy Analyzer

Tradebook’s Strategy Analyzer (STAZ<GO>) combines the breadth of Bloomberg’s data and analytics with Tradebook’s proprietary quantitative trading model to deliver actionable implementation ideas both pre- and in-trade.  Traders can quickly gain an understanding of a single stock or list of stocks’ trading behavior and implement the right algorithm for trading that stock or list.

Innovative Equity Algorithms

Innovative strategies and algorithms for program trading, pairs, and arbitrage seeking tools integrated with direct market access in more than 70 global markets.

PAIR Equity / Equity Algorithm

PAIR is an intuitive platform that models and takes advantage of ratio-adjusted absolute merger statistical arbitrage opportunities. The execution algorithms leverage Bloomberg Tradebook’s advanced strategies to seek price improvement opportunities. Traders also use this algorithm to normalize the set-up price and balance the execution of cross currency pairs in one common currency.

Dynamic Auction Algorithms

Auctions are a significant source of liquidity for global equity trading. Tradebook offers sophisticated prediction logic and automation techniques that enable traders to fit auction liquidity into their entire daily workflow with ease.

Additional Algorithms / DMA Tools

  • Bloomberg Volume-weighted Average Price (VWAP)
  • Dynamic Volume-weighted Average Price (DWAP)
  • Time-weighted Average Price (TWAP)
  • Go-Along, Volume In Price (VIP)
  • Arrival Price
  • B-Dark
  • B-Smart
  • Hide and B-Smart
  • Hide and Sweep
  • Market
  • Limit
  • Peg

Equity Workflows and Analytics

Customizable end-to-end trading solution with pre-trade analysis and algorithm selection analytics; working trade order alerts and real-time chart annotation of executions and order-handling decisions; and post-trade transaction cost analysis for examination of outliers and trends. Unprecedented order-handling transparency at each stage of the trading process.

Venue Transparency

Traders need to know what venue they are executing in to determine if their algorithm is capturing all possible liquidity. Tradebook offers a real-time view of where and how much of the order is getting done in particular venues. These data are represented in both a table and a pie chart, giving traders a clear view of where they are getting fills.

Tradebook Order API

Traders who would like to leverage powerful modeling programs can connect their models to Bloomberg Tradebook’s comprehensive global DMA and algorithms for executions.

Tradebook Order Builder API

Traders can create their own models in a spreadsheet and then connect them to Tradebook’s powerful algorithm suite for equities, futures, options, and FX without being a programmer or needing one.

Additional Workflows

  • Market Depth and Execution Monitor Screen
  • Scheduled Algorithm Analytics and Monitor
  • Trading Blotter
  • Audit Trail
  • Tradebook Basket/Program Trading Platform
  • Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)
  • Chart Annotations
  • Bump Buttons
  • Decrement Strategy
  • Trade Allocations
  • BUD alerts