The US Treasury marketplace is becoming increasingly electronic. Therefore, traders need a partner who is ready and able to provide a stable electronic execution platform that provides anonymous access to otherwise difficult-to-source liquidity. Bloomberg Tradebook Fixed Income provides low latency direct market access and algorithms for interacting with relevant fixed income trading partners and more than 35 futures exchanges, globally. A fully customizable TradePad allows for quick interaction with the markets.


Holistic Fixed Income Solution

Traders can seamlessly and efficiently access cross-market and cross-exchange spread trading, as well as view actionable real-time market depth through the integrated escalator.

Bloomberg Terminal Integration

Tradebook Fixed Income offers TradePad integration for one click trading and Launchpad access. Traders can leverage the Bloomberg Professional Service® trading activity charts and monitor trading fills and modifications directly from LaunchPad. Traders can also utilize their current spread strategies by leveraging standardized Bloomberg tickers, or create custom spreads from any ticker on the Bloomberg Professional ® service.

Sophisticated Low-Latency Fixed Income Trading Tools

Extract liquidity intelligently from multiple liquidity providers using Tradebook Fixed Income’s co-located SOR. Global Fixed Income (GFI) monitor streamlines trading experience by integrating strategy analysis and trade execution.

Value-Added Services

Leverage our team of global Execution Consultants to implement and monitor strategies 24/6, and trade with peace of mind thanks to the Bloomberg Terminal’s continuity of business process and risk controls.

Tradebook Order API

Traders who would like to leverage powerful modeling programs can connect their models to Bloomberg Tradebook’s comprehensive global Fixed Income and Futures DMA and algorithms for executions. Tradebook API also enables traders to auto hedge their Fixed Income RFQ flow.