We believe that FX traders should have more transparency in control over their transactions. Bloomberg Tradebook is an anonymous Electronic Communication Network (ECN) that works with both the buy side and sell side to provide quality, bank and non-bank liquidity as well as customized workflow solutions leveraging the strength of the Bloomberg Professional service data and analytics.


Innovative FX Algorithms

Innovative entry/exit conditions based on target, time, and economic statistics.

Economic Release-Linked Data Algorithm
A trader adopts a strategy or algorithms to send orders based on the release of major economic data. Actions then are triggered based on the release of major economic indicators. To improve speed and efficiency, an order can be triggered as soon as the economic data is released.

B-Sweep Algorithm
FX moves so quickly, therefore, what you see is not always what you get. Since this is Bloomberg’s own exchange, Bloomberg is committed to helping the trader get what he/she wants/ B-Sweep dynamically seeks the average price displayed for a trader’s desired size.

Additional FX Algorithms Include:

  • Triggers
  • Target
  • Economic Incicator Release (ECO) Trigger
  • If/Trail
  • Reverse Scale Back
  • Wave
  • Legging
  • If Done
  • As Done
  • One Cancels Other (OCO)
  • If Done CO
  • Peg
  • Trailing Stop
  • Synthetic Good Till Cancel/Iceberg (GTC/Iceberg)

FX Workflows & Analytics

Tradebook offers clients an intuitive and flexible workflow that puts them in control of the trade. We have developed a fully self-customizable and transparent platform that can be tailored to client preferences even while executions are in progress, thus they are always able to react to the latest information and insights.

Electronic Outright Trading

Tradebook’s FX workflow and analytics platform includes integrated spot and outright trading, which helps traders to streamline the FX roll process.

Tradebook Order API

Traders who would like to leverage powerful modeling programs can connect their models to Bloomberg Tradebook’s comprehensive global DMA and algorithms for executions.

Tradebook Order Builder API

Traders can create their own models in a spreadsheet and connect it to Tradebook’s powerful algorithm suite for equities, futures, options, and FX without being a programmer or needing one.

Additional Workflows Include:

  • Allocation
  • Blocking
  • Single Currency
  • Multi-currency
  • Market Depth and Trading
  • Real-time Trading P&L
  • Electronic Outright Trading