Traders remain in control with our innovative platform and unique algorithms that are designed to enable you to trade your idea in more than 35 global futures markets. Tradebook offers a preferred front end for trading to execute with more than 40 of the market’s global and regional future commission merchants (FCMs) and has advanced allocation and blocking functionality.


Innovative Futures Algorithms

Quickly and accurately implement complex trading strategies with fully customizable entry and exit logic using Bloomberg data.

Spread Trading Algorithm

Tradebook offers traders an algorithm that seeks to minimize leg risk when trading non-exchange-supported inter-commodity spreads by dynamically determining the limit prices for both leg orders. Traders can trade inter- and intra-commodity spreads the same way they trade outrights.

Economic Release-Linked Algorithm

Tradebook offers traders the ability to connect a futures trade to economic releases, enabling them to be one of the first to move when economic numbers are released.

IF/Trail Algorithm

The If/Trail algorithm helps solve traders’ problems of when to take profits. This algorithm allows traders to select their target price (when they think they should take a profit) but, instead of selling, a trailing stop is employed to let the market decide when to exit.

Additional Algorithms Include:

  • Triggers
  • Target
  • Economic Indicator Release (ECO) Trigger
  • If/Trail
  • Reverse Scale Back
  • Wave
  • Legging
  • If Done
  • As Done
  • One Cancels Other (OCO)
  • If Done CO
  • Peg
  • Trailing Stop
  • Synthetic Good Till Cancel/Iceberg (GTC/Iceberg)

Futures Workflows & Analytics

Highly self-customizable trading front end designed around traders’ trading styles and preferred strategies—for example, single contract, multi-contract, spreads, and speed.

Futures Escalator

Futures traders need to clearly see a relative market price on multiple contracts to spot entry and exit points and be able to interact with that price in one click. Tradebook Futures Escalator offers a visualization of relative price movement, giving the trader the ability to snap the relative movement to any price point (e.g. the point they entered the market). Clients can trade from this view in one click.

Yield Spread Matrix

Futures bond traders think in terms of yield but need to trade in terms of price. This workflow enables traders to select a future bond spread, convert it it to yield, monitor the spread depth, and trade it from one screen.

Tradebook Order API

Traders who would like to leverage powerful modeling programs can connect their models to Bloomberg Tradebook’s comprehensive global DMA and algorithms for executions.

Tradebook Order Builder API

Traders can create their own models in a spreadsheet and connect it to Tradebook’s powerful algorithm suite for futures, options, equity, and FX without being a programmer or needing one.

Additional Workflows Include:

  • Single Contract
  • Multi-Security View
  • Speed Trading View
  • Spread Trading Platform
  • Escalator
  • Order API/Order Builder API
  • Execution Management System
  • Chart Annotations
  • Order Management System