Seamless integration, straight-through processing, a simple workflow, and an easy-to-use agency electronic trading platform enable traders to implement complex options strategies that were impossible in manual markets. Our customers can anonymously trade U.S. Equity and Index options right from the Bloomberg Professional® service.


Innovative Equity Algorithms

Strategies for complex order trading include Peg To Volatility, Peg To Delta, Peg To Bid & Ask, TWAP, Trigger Trading, Discretion, and Reserve & Hidden algorithms. Complex multi-leg option spread trading also available.

Equity/Option PAIR Trading Algorithm

Tradebook offers traders the ability to easily and quickly trade an options/equity pair while leveraging sophisticated technology to seek best execution for both contracts and shares.

PEG to Volatility (VEGA) Algorithm

The Peg To Volatility algorithm enables traders to algorithmically trade volatility. This algorithm routes and adjusts the option order’s limit to float with the specified volatility to the underlying security. The algorithm utilizes the same volatility service that populates the volatility values in OMON on the Bloomberg Professional service.

PEG to BID/ASK Algorithm

The Peg To Bid/Ask is one of Bloomberg Tradebook’s new algorithms that helps traders trade based on whether certain option price measurements (the Greeks) seem cheap or richly priced. A Peg To Bid (buy) strategy with discretion enables a trader to float with the best bid to seek to capture the spread.

Additional Algorithms Include:

  • Stock Leg
  • Trigger
  • No Show
  • Fire
  • Contingency
  • Peg To Bid/Ask
  • Peg To Delta
  • Peg To Volatility (Vega)
  • PAIR and Smart Order Router

U.S. Equity Options Workflows & Analytics

Workflow is designed around finding options trading opportunities using powerful Bloomberg analytics like OMON, OSA and our unique spread trading tools. These analytics and alerts leverage the vast array of Bloomberg market insights to seek opportunities before and during the trade.

Equity/Option PAIR Platform

Trading Equity/Options pairs requires sophisticated data analysis and risk controls as well as fast executions. F Tradebook provides a fast and powerful way to execute pairs with ease.

Spread Trading Platform

Options spread strategies are complex and require clarity and control. Tradebook’s spread trading front end is built around making every decision clear and executions transparent.

Tradebook Order API

Traders who would like to leverage powerful modeling programs can connect their models to Bloomberg Tradebook’s comprehensive global DMA and algorithms for executions.

Tradebook Order Builder API

Traders can create their own models in a spreadsheet and connect it to Tradebook’s powerful algorithm suite for equities, futures, options, and FX without being a programmer or needing one.

Additional Workflows Include:

  • Bloomberg L.P. Options Monitor
  • Bloomberg Execution Management System
  • Bloomberg Options Portfolio Analysis
  • Single Contract Trading
  • Options Spread Trading
  • Options
  • Options Basket Trading
  • Order API/Order Builder API
  • PAIR trading